[gridengine users] Writing Monthly CPU Usage Reports

Fred Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Wed Jun 13 19:30:08 UTC 2018

On 12/06/18 22:55, Douglas Duckworth wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> We're looking into writing a monthly report which lists CPU usage by group, within share tree, along with a list of users therein as well as their usage.
> Does anyone have any advice on writing such a report or perhaps know of any sample reports which they could share?


Many years ago (2002/2003, SGE 5.2/5.3) we had a similar requirement for our supercomputing management committee's monthly meetings.

I ended up with the following arrangement:

- cron jobs would periodically take the records from the accounting file and import them into a PostgreSQL database.
- The database had some tables that were maintained manually, such as the group leaders and their email addresses.
- A set of scripts, Perl and shell, would extract the data for the reporting period from the database and produce aggregate summary reports.
- The reports were PDF files that were generated from LaTeX templates, which were generated by the Perl script(s)
- The reports were basically pivot tables, like those that would be produced with spreadsheets.
- We had one report with the per group resource usage.
- We also produced reports for the group leaders with per group member usage breakdown
- The PDFs were automatically emailed to the group leaders by another Perl script.
- The resource usage for the jobs that crossed the reporting period boundaries would be calculated proportionately as if CPU usage was uniform during the job's lifetime.



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