[gridengine users] Writing Monthly CPU Usage Reports

Tina Friedrich tina.friedrich at it.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jun 14 09:11:30 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 12 June 2018 21:55:08 BST Douglas Duckworth wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> We're looking into writing a monthly report which lists CPU usage by group,
> within share tree, along with a list of users therein as well as their
> usage.
> Does anyone have any advice on writing such a report or perhaps know of any
> sample reports which they could share?

Hi Doug,

I did something like this using R & markup in my old job (as in, there was a 
markup report with embedded R code that would generate the stats). I believe I 
generated both html and pdf reports from it. If memory serves right, I had it 
as a postrotate on my monthly logrotate for the accounting file... Worked 
pretty well, actually. 

I'm pretty sure I wrote some functions to read accounting files into R etc. 
Would you like me to dig out the code?

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> Thanks,
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> HPC System Administrator
> Scientific Computing Unit
> Weill Cornell Medicine
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Tina Friedrich, Snr HPC Systems Administrator, Advanced Research Computing
Research Computing and Support Services, Academic IT 
IT Services, University of Oxford 

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