[gridengine users] SGE accounting file getting too big...

Jerome jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Fri May 18 15:31:22 UTC 2018

Le 18/05/2018 à 10:23, Noel Benitez a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> The "accounting" file on our sge master has a filesize of 20Gb.
> Is there a recommended way of purging this file short of using "cat
> /dev/null > accounting"  ?

Dear Noel

What i do in this case is to save the acounting file for further
accounting. And stop scheduler, do the cat /dev/null like you, and init
the scheduler.

Hope thats help!

-- Jérôme
- Les cons ça ose tout ! C'est même à ça qu'on les reconnaît.
	(Michel Audiard)

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