[gridengine users] Dave Love repository issue

Jerome jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Wed Oct 17 16:13:45 UTC 2018

Le 17/10/2018 à 04:12, William Hay a écrit :
> On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 06:53:11PM -0500, Jerome wrote:
>> Dear William
>> I'm watching this trac system, and it seem's to be reserved for
>> developper only.. That's seems that to report a bug, one need to follow
>> some specifications, which i don't really know... WHere can i read about
>> this?
> Even without a login you can submit bugs via the sge-bugs mailing list and they will show up
> in trac.  You should be able to create a login in order to use the web interface
> by clicking on the Register link and entering your details.
> It is a bug tracker not a general user support system though.  If you are having issues
> with SoGE it is usually best to ask here to eliminate causes other than bugs before 
> using the bug tracker.
> If you use the web interface it is probably safe to leave most of the settings at their default
> values unless they are obviously wrong (eg defect vs enhancement).
> You can DuckDuckGo guides on how to write good bug reports that should be fine for the 
> Description field/text of the e-mail to sge-bugs.
> Apologies if any of the above was teaching grandma how to suck eggs.
> William

Dear William

Thank's a lot for your comment. I've have now a clear metodology to
follow. I will send soon my  first report of instalation issue.


-- Jérôme
Lorsque tu ne sais pas où tu vas, regarde d'où tu viens.
	(Proverbe africain)

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