[gridengine users] Best way to restrict a user to a specific exec host?

Mun Johl mun.johl at kazan-networks.com
Wed Apr 3 18:27:55 UTC 2019

Hi all,

My company is hiring a contractor for some development work.  As such, I
need to modify our grid configuration so that he only has access to a
single execution host.  That particular host (let's call it serverA)
will not have all of our data disks mounted.

NOTE: We are running SGE v8.1.9 on systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.8 .

I'm not really sure how to proceed.  I'm thinking of perhaps creating a
new queue which only resides on serverA.  We would ask the contractor to
specify this new queue for his jobs.  Furthermore, I would add the
contractor to the xuser_lists of all other queues.

Does that sound reasonable or is there an easier method for
accomplishing this task within SGE?

IF it makes sense to proceed in this manner, what is the easiest way to
add the username of the contractor to the xuser_lists parameter?  Can I
simply add his username?  Or do I need to create a new access list for him?

Any and all examples of how to implement this type of configuration
would be greatly appreciated since I am not an SGE expert by any stretch
of the imagination.

By the way, would the contractor only need an account on serverA in
order to utilize SGE?  Or would he need an account on the grid master as

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,


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