[gridengine users] Different GDI version between client and qmaster

Skylar Thompson skylar2 at uw.edu
Wed Feb 27 03:13:50 UTC 2019

Do you have different versions of GE installed between the client and

On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 07:00:55PM -0800, Radhouane Aniba wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I am trying to run a python code on SGE but I am running through this issue
> *drmaa.errors.DrmCommunicationException: code 2: denied: client (xxx) uses
> old GDI version 6.2u5 while qmaster uses newer version 8.1.9*
> I am using ubuntu 14 and I am wondering if anyone went through this issue
> before. More importantly, I would like to understand why this happens in
> the first place.
> Thanks in advance
> Rad

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