[gridengine users] SGE in new linux distros

Michael Seman seman at optusnet.com.au
Tue Sep 10 12:28:11 UTC 2019

Installing SGE 8.1 is no problem in old distros like Centos 6/7.
Recently I got the grisu48 patched version from Github, and that will 
install in Suse Leap 15.
Then I tried to install that in Debian 10, but a new problem pops up:
undefined reference to __alloca from glob.c
Debian 10 has glibc 2.28, so I guess the same problem would occur in RHEL 8.
The error is in building qmake, which I don't need. So a workaround is
aimk -no-qmake
then you must install with
inst_sge -nobincheck
otherwise the installer protests about qmake going AWOL

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