[gridengine users] Fedora 29 hints

Michael Seman seman at optusnet.com.au
Thu Sep 12 09:20:27 UTC 2019

I tried installing the grisu48 gridengine in Fedora 29, which has glibc 
2.28, but hit another problem there.
In Fedora 28, rpc was moved from glibc to tirpc. So the compilation will 
fail to find rpc headers.
This can be overcome with some hacking. You need to set environment variable
so that tirpc will be linked. You also need to install tirpc-devel to 
get the headers.
Unfortunately, those headers look for netconfig.h in the wrong place, so
   sudo cp /usr/include/tirpc/netconfig.h ..
Then you need to edit some files:
and change the includes for rpc/types.h to tirpc/rpc/types.h
rpc/xdr.h to tirpc/rpc/xdr.h

Then SGE will compile and link (apart from qmake).
So inst_sge -nobincheck is required, as with Debian 10.

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