[gridengine users] Job in error states

Jerome jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Thu Mar 5 17:46:20 UTC 2020

Dear all

I'm facing a strange error in SGE. One job is declared as in error, as i
show in the following:

job_number:                 1311910
exec_file:                  job_scripts/1311910
submission_time:            Thu Mar  5 08:06:16 2020
owner:                      XXXXXXXXXXXXX


error reason          1:      03/05/2020 11:11:56 [6021:55928]:
"/opt/gridengine/default/spool/compute-0-0/job_scripts/1311910") failed:
No such file or directory

It's seems to be a problem during the copy of the script file on the
node.. But, when i clear it, with qmod -cj, the job  come back in error

How could explain me what could explain this error?


-- Jérôme
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Les jugements de cour vous rendront blanc ou noir.
	(la Fontaine)

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