[gridengine users] How to export an X11 back to the client?

Mun Johl Mun.Johl at wdc.com
Mon May 4 21:29:24 UTC 2020

Hi William,

Thanks for replying.
Please see my comments below.

> On Fri, May 01, 2020 at 06:44:08PM +0000, Mun Johl wrote:
> >    Hi,
> >
> >
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> >    I am using SGE on RHEL6.  I am trying to launch a qsub job (a TCL script)
> >    via grid that will result in a GUI application being opened on the
> >    caller’s display (which is a VNC session).
> Using qsub for this makes this more difficult than it needs to be since
> qsub jobs run largely disconnected from the submit host.  I wouldn't
> have thought you would want a delay with something interactive like
> this.  As Reuti suggested you could set up ssh tight integration (with X
> forwarding enabled in ssh) and then use qrsh -now n <command> to launch
> your app.

[Mun] I will pursue the method you and Reuti have suggested.   Any tips or documentation to help get me there would be appreciated.  Although, I will do some Google searches soon.

> >    What I’m seeing is that if I set DISPLAY to the actual VNC display (e.g.
> >    host1:4) in the wrapper script that invokes qsub, the GUI application
> Have you checked that host1 resolves to on the machine where you submit
> the job and the machine where it runs.  If you are getting a failure to
> connect it might be because you need to use the FQDN.

[Mun] I have tried the FQDN and IP address; I get the same error (failure to connect).  Only if I use the localhost:<display#> can I get the X11 window to pop up on the respective display.

> >    complains that it cannot make a connection.  On a side note, I noticed
> In general X11 servers don't allow random clients to talk to
> the display.  The app may be (mis-)reporting a failure to authorise as a
> failure to connect.  This has little to do with grid engine per se just a
> side effect of running the app on a different machine from the X-Server.
> You may need to perform some manipulations with xauth to enable it.
> Do the grid engine servers share home directories with the machine where
> you are running qsub (eg via NFS or a cluster file system)?

[Mun] Yes.  The same directory structure is mounted on the login servers as well as the grid servers.

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